Change fixed sidebar
Shown on blog, portfolio and services page.

You can easily customize the fixed sidebar that appears at the right side of the screen by double clicking the green-bordered block. By double clicking the block you will enter this "Symbol". When changing the contents of this symbol, it's automatically changed on all the pages that is currently using this symbol.

Change the Fixed sidebar that appears after scroll
The fixed sidebar which appears after scrolling to the bottom of the page is hidden in the editor by default. You can find it in the "Navigator" tab at the right of the Webflow editor. 

Here you can find the div block "Fixed block top wrapper". After selecting it go back to the "Style" tab and choose Display Setting "Block" to make it visible in the Webflow Editor. Now you can customize the Fixed Sidebar wrapper the way you want it to appear.  Be sure to choose the Display Setting  "None" again to make it dissapear from the Webflow editor while working on your site!

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